IMB Naturals: Non-Toxic Essential Oil Creations [A Review]

IMB Naturals: Non-Toxic Essential Oil Creations [A Review]

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I’ve recently come across IMB Naturals, a small business that makes premium essential oil products inspired by nature. This brand is fantastic in which only natural and non-toxic ingredients are used.
So here is my review of this handcrafted small batched business and a simple comparison to the popular and toxic products on the market.
Not so long ago I used products that were toxic and created so many health issues for me and my family, now it’s been years that I have been fragrance-free and switched to a non-toxic lifestyle.
Why you may ask?
I had discovered that every time I used my perfume and body spray or I am in a public place from the mall to my doctor’s office, it somehow activates my allergies, worsens my asthma and gives me a headache.
That was when I started to dig deeper as to why that happens and how to avoid it.
I know that a lot of people see this as a benefit to smell nice! But the benefit comes with exposure to a mixture of chemicals that are in the air fresheners. Some of these chemicals could affect our health and those around us.
Everywhere we go these days we are bombarded with a strong smell of air fresheners and body sprays but what is really in the synthetic version of these fragrances?
Have you noticed that air fresheners in particular come with a warning label?
Warning label for room spray
It states that it is suitable for any room in the house but inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal. There is no way that we can avoid inhaling something that is sprayed in the air and has toxic ingredients.
Last year, a study at the University of Washington found that eight unnamed widely used U.S. air fresheners released about 18 chemicals into the air. On average, 1 in 5 of these chemicals were hazardous substances highlighted in federal and some state pollution standards and half the air fresheners tested released acetaldehyde, a likely human carcinogen according to the EPA.


Secret Toxic Ingredients

Fragrance can contain up to 3,000 chemicals that are hidden in ONE ingredient!
Isn’t that crazy?
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) continues to point out that a very large number of chemical compounds can be included in a wide variety of consumer products and the manufacturers do not have to disclose what they are.
Many of these mystery ingredients are most certainly harmful to our health.
FDA allows companies to hide behind the idea that certain formulations are “trade secrets” and do not legally need to be disclosed! This is a concept originally codified in the 1966 Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). Read about it here on the FDA site
In 2010, the International Fragrance Association released a master list of more than 3,000 chemicals that are used by most manufacturers. Chemicals on that list include carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxicants and numerous allergens (to name a few).  A fragrance can be made up of more than ONE chemical and can include any of these harmful chemicals.
One that was super alarming after I saw the list was that a word Fragrance CAN contain not only toxic ingredients you cannot pronounce but also ingredients such as soybean oil, rum extract, peanuts, sesame seed oil, tobacco extract, wheat, petroleum, wool wax, corn oil, Cod liver oil, and more!
And if you are trying to avoid any particular ingredient for food allergy for sensitivity reasons, it’s crucial to avoid the word Fragrance not just in air fresheners and body sprays but in other products as well.

Nasty Chemicals You Must Avoid

So I want to share with you 3 products and their ingredients so you can see the health effects and why you must avoid them completely.
The rating guide is from EWG and Think Dirty app which is helpful in understanding each ingredient and their health and environmental effects.

Air Wick room spray Think Dirty rating

Air Wick Air Freshener

This rating is from EWG and the product contains fragrance, sodium borate, sodium nitrite, butane and propane. The developmental and reproductive toxicity is concerning especially if used in a closed setting which is the case most of the time and in the presence of children and pregnant women.

Febreze Fabric Refresher

Another rating from EWG with a concern for asthma, respiratory issues and most importantly cancer. A study of pregnant women showed a link between the use of air fresheners and aerosol sprays and an increase in headaches and depression in the mothers, as well as ear infections and diarrhea in their babies.
The fact that these products are still in the market and are very popular is very alarming.


Victoria’s Secret Body Spray

Another rating but this time from the Think Dirty app that shows the ingredients and toxicity levels. Any rating between 8-10 has potentially serious negative long term health effects.
Octinoxate is a known and studied endocrine disruptor, effecting estrogenic and thyroid activity, affecting several body functions including development, brain and metabolism. Estrogenic disruption has been linked to breast cancer.
PGG-26-Buteth-26 has possible organ system toxicity and possible contamination concern with 1,4-Dioxide.
Natural and Safe Scent Alternatives
So what to use instead of products that contain fragrance?
Well, I did finally found a safe alternative that has not interfered with my allergies and asthma.
They are called Essential Oils that are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence.
It is very important to get pure and organic therapeutic grade essential oils that are free of synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals.
That’s exactly what IMB Naturals uses in their natural products.

IMB Naturals Air, Linen & Body Spray

So I have always used essential oils in my diffuser which helps my house smell really good but I cannot have diffusers for every room.
IMB Naturals is a hand-crafted small business that creates natural premium products containing organic essential oils without all the toxics.
IMB Naturals Air, Linen & Room Spray
Uses: Home spray (aromatherapy sprays neutralize odors), linen/fabric mist and body spray
Preferences: Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Non-GMO, Fragrance-Free & Alcohol-Free
Scents I Used:
  • Sweet Dreams (Lavender, Bergamot & Ylang-Ylang)
  • Joy (Rose & Jasmine)
Key Ingredients: Essential Oils, Distilled Water & Witch Hazel

My Review

Linens | It is really nice to have around the house and adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise mundane chore of making the bed. I also spray it on my sheets 30 minutes before I go to bed and I love breathing in the wonderful smell of lavender or rose so that I can settle into a nice deep sleep.
Air | I had switched to burning incense in my bathroom after giving up toxic air fresheners but quickly realized that incenses contain a mixture of natural and unnatural ingredients that create small and inhalable particulate matter. A study in 2009 confirmed some of this particulate matter as carcinogenic, meaning it could cause cancer.
Now I use IMB Naturals in my bathrooms and also with a small spray by the front door I can smell hints of it throughout my house. I have sprayed it over the couch in the living room and on the rugs. No discoloration or stains, and it is a very light scent, so it doesn’t make me sneeze. With a great smell, it addresses odors well, and just a little goes a long way.
Body | The smell is soft and light. All ingredients are natural so you’re not soaking your body in chemicals. The mist leaves a pleasant (not overpowering) scent that lasts.

Benefits of Essential Oils

I’ve found so many amazing benefits of essential oils that will help you understand how superior they are over synthetic fragrances.

IMB Naturals: Sweet Dreams

  • Lavender | It has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh and floral. It is best known for its calming properties and comforting aroma. Research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.
  • Bergamot | Known for its tart citrus scent and it has the ability to be both uplifting and calming, making it ideal to help with anxious and sad feelings. It is also purifying and cleansing for the skin.
  • Ylang-Ylang | It has a beautiful floral scent and reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality.

IMB Naturals: Joy

  • Rose | With a warm, deeply floral and honey-like scent it is said to reduce stress, help with anxiety, sharpen memory, and boost mood. 
  • Jasmine | It has a distinctive and exotic floral aroma and is often used as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. It is also said to act as an aphrodisiac.
IMB Naturals offer other essential oil scents such as:
  • Mindful Focus | Peppermint, Rosemary & Lemon
  • Citrus Grove | Lemon, Lime, Orange & Grapefruit
  • Balancing | Lemon Grass & Sweet Basil
  • Immune Defense | Tea Tree, Lemon & Eucalyptus
IMB Naturals | Air, Linen & Room Spray


About IMB Naturals

Iris is the founder of IMB Naturals, she is the creative owner of a small batch essential oil business inspired by nature and all her products are handmade with love!
I think there’s something special about knowing that someone created a natural product to uplift other people. From a small business, you will receive the fruit of their passion and they share with you a little piece of their dream.
How can we not appreciate their passion for delivering us a piece of their imagination, their heart, and courage?
Check out their Etsy shop for other organic and non-toxic products such as hand sanitizers.
Follow along with their social media on Instagram & Facebook
As always,
Read product labels,
Know your ingredients,
AND stay safe!

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