Mother’s Day Natural Gift Ideas – Affordable Nontoxic Beauty Gifts Under $100

Mother’s Day Natural Gift Ideas – Affordable Nontoxic Beauty Gifts Under $100

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Mother’s Day is such an important day: how can you ever say thank you enough to the woman who gave you the gift of life? I know that you want to celebrate mom the right way, but finding non-toxic and natural gift ideas for Mother’s Day can be so overwhelming.

That’s why to help you, I’ve found the best Mother’s Day natural gift ideas that’s affordable for every superwoman on your list from new moms to your own mom, mothers-in-law to grandmas. You can also buy it for yourself in case “someone” forgot to buy you a gift for Mother’s Day!

In this post, I have included the best affordable Mother’s day natural beauty gift ideas under $100.

Beauty Gift Sets

  • Kinder Beauty Collection – Evanna’s Gift Set
  • 100% Pure – Antioxidant Treatment Trio
  • Osea Malibu – Brightening Boost Gift Set
  • Detox Mode – Total Body Refresh Gift Set
  • Odacité – Healthy Glow Gift Set
  • Laguna Herbals – Green Beauty Milk Bath Gift Set

Essential Beauty Kits

  • Follain – Clean Essential Kit
  • Osea Malibu – Age Defying Travel Kit
  • Tata Harper – Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Discovery Kit
  • Herbivore – Self Love Facial Ritual Kit
  • Lotus Wei – Mini Mist Kit
  • Petit Vour – Vegan Makeup Starter Kit
  • Juice Beauty – Brightening Age Defy Solutions Kit
  • Aleavia – Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Skincare Gifts

  • Magic Organic Apothecary – MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil
  • Zatik Skincare – Nutri Face Serum
  • Sulina Shop – Uplifting Facial Oil
  • Athar’a Pure – Pink Lotus Hydrating Balm
  • True Botanicals – Vitamin C Booster
  • Salis Skincare – Serum + Sandalwood
  • Osea Malibu – Undaria Algae Body Oil
  • 100% Pure – Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants PM Facial Oil
  • Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream – SPF 30
  • Just Nutritive – Body Nutritive Serum

Beauty Tools

  • CAYNEL – Beauty Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer
  • MoValues – Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you buy any products from these links, I get a small share of the revenue at no additional cost to you. It helps me pay for my coffee so I can write more blog posts with my eyes open! Read the full disclosure.


1. Kinder Beauty Collection

Kinder Beauty Evanna's Favorite Gift Set, kinder beauty box, vegan beauty box, nontoxic beauty box, natural beauty box, beauty box 2020, vegan beauty box subscription, evanna's gift set, cruelty-free beauty box

Evanna’s Gift Set

This Set Includes |

  • Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Sleep Mask
  • Akar Skin Mini Toner & Facial Oil
  • Dear Self Face Moisturizer
  • EVOLVh Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Clove + Hallow Hydrating Blush Serum
  • MOTD Cosmetics Get Cheeky With It Blush Brush
  • Folly Fire Full House (Red Lipstick)

Buy This Gift Set | $38 @ Kinder Beauty ($143.49 value)

Use code BEKINDER when signing up and you will receive a FREE bonus item in your first box! Start here


2. 100% Pure

100% Pure Antioxidant Trio Gift Set, 100% pure acai pulp, antioxidant treatment trio, 100% pure multi-vitamin pm serum, 100% pure gift set for mom, skincare gift for hard to buy

Antioxidant Treatment Trio

This Set Includes |

Buy This Gift Set | $91.00 @ 100% Pure Website ($143 value)


3. Osea Malibu

Brightening Boost Gift Set

This Set Includes |

  • Brightening Serum: Lightweight serum brightens and tones
  • White Algae Mask: Anti-aging antioxidant mask brightens and tones

Buy This Gift Set | $98 @ Osea Website ($116 Value)

See all their gift sets and travel kits here


4. Detox Mode

Total Body Refresh Gift Set

This Set Includes |

  • Happening Scrub: The exfoliating gel emulsifies into a creamy, moisturizing milk that leaves you decadently soft
  • Altogether Oil: Tightens and brightens your skin’s appearance
  • Here + There Balm: Made with a powerhouse of vitamins and hemp seed oil to soothe and soften

Buy This Gift Set | $49 @ Detox Market ($65 value)


5. Odacité

Healthy Glow Gift Set

This Set Includes |

  • Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser: This organic cleanser is a water-soluble crème that removes surface impurities without disturbing the skin’s delicate moisture and oil balance
  • Beautiful Day Moisturizer: This organic blend penetrates deeply to re-establish long-lasting moisture while protecting your skin from environmental aggressors

Buy This Gift Set | $99 @ Odacité Website

Check out all their packages and gift sets here


6. Laguna Herbals

Green Beauty Milk Bath Gift Set

This Set Includes |

  • Coco milk bath smoothie
  • Herbal body dust
  • Whipped organic body butter

Buy This Gift Set | $51 @ Laguna Herbals Website ($67 value)



1. Follain

Clean Essential Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • Includes 4 trial size products plus canvas pouch
  • Non-toxic & vegan
  • Suitable for all skin types

Buy This Kit | $25 @ Follain Website ($47 value)


2. Osea Malibu

Age-Defying Travel Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • Ocean Cleanser: Refreshing mineral-rich seaweed cleansing gel
  • Vitamin Boost: Age-defying hydrating mist rich in antioxidants
  • Essential Hydrating Oil: Age-defying botanical facial oil
  • Advanced Protection Cream: Ultimate age-defying moisturizer

Buy This Kit | $54 @ Osea Website ($72 value)

See all their travel kits here


3. Tata Harper

Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Discovery Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • Regenerating Cleanser
  • Hydrating Floral Essence
  • Rejuvenating Serum
  • Repairative Moisturizer
  • Replenishing Nutrient Complex
  • Restorative Eye Creme
  • Resurfacing Mask

Buy This Kit |


4. Herbivore

Self Love Facial Ritual Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • A replenishing rose mist
  • A soothing hemp-rich facial oil
  • A polishing, radiance-boosting facial treatment
  • A rose quartz “Gua Sha” (What is this?)

Buy This Kit | $49.30 @ Detox Market

Also try Herbivore: Hydrate + Glow Natural Skincare Mini Collection for $39 @ Amazon


5. Lotus Wei

Mini Mist Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • JOY JUICE (Blood Orange + Marigold)
  • INNER PEACE (Lavender + Geranium)
  • INFINITE LOVE (Honey + Rose)
  • QUIET MIND (Coriander + Geranium)
  • INSPIRED ACTION (Pink Pepper + Cardamom)
  • PURE ENERGY (Coffee + Grapefruit)

Buy This Kit | $50 @ Citrine Natural Beauty


6. Petit Vour

Vegan Makeup Starter Kit

This Kit Includes |

Buy This Kit | $35 @ Petit Vour Website ($73 value)


7. Juice Beauty

Brightening Age Defy Solutions Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • Brightening Gel Cleanser
  • Age Defy Serum
  • Peel Full Strength
  • Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
  • Age Defy Moisturizer

Buy This Kit | $42 @ Safe & Chic Website & Amazon ($80 value)


8. Aleavia

Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit

This Kit Includes |

  • Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse
  • Aleavia Restore Soothing Mist

Benefits |

  • Stabilizing pH of the skin and reducing fine lines
  • Removing all makeup, including waterproof makeup
  • Alleviating: Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Reducing Spider Veins

Buy This Kit | $39.99 @ Aleavia Website & Amazon



1. The Detox Box

In this box, you have 2-3 products from a featured brand each month worth at least $90 that follows a strict ingredient standard and helps you discover nontoxic ways to continue your beauty routine. What I love about this subscription is that you can try popular and undiscovered brands alike at a really good value!

Buy This Box | $55/month @ Detox Market Website – You also earn detox points and can cancel anytime. You can also get this box for 6-MONTHS only @ $39.95/month


2. Petit Vour Beauty Box

Every month you get 4 products valued between $45-$60 that are picked for you based on your personal profile that you create when you sign up. You also get $4 back for every time you review your beauty box – yay!

Buy This Box | $18/month @ Petit Vour Website – You can cancel anytime AND it’s affordable.

YEARLY $180 ($15/box) Best Deal!


3. Kinder Beauty Box

Each month you’ll get up to $165 worth of clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, hair-care and accessories, including at least two full-sized products. You will gain access to exclusive special collections, limited edition offers and flash sales. Receive products from top brands like 100% Pure, Andalou Naturals, INIKA Organics, Franklin & Whitman and more!

A portion of all sales benefits some of our favorite animal rights and environmental causes.

Buy This Box | $25/month @ Kinder Beauty – You may cancel at anytime

  • 3 months @ $24
  • 6 months @ $23


1. Magic Organic Apothecary

MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil

Recommended For | All skin types – promotes cell turnover to reveal radiant and balanced skin

Benefits |

  • Helpful for dry, sensitive skin types prone to redness and blemishes
  • Even skin tone and calm irritation
  • Balances skin, gently soothes and calms the skin

Buy This Oil | $36 for 1 oz @ The Choosy Chick & $33.99 for 1 oz @ Amazon

2. Zatik Skincare

Nutri Face Serum

Recommended For | All skin types

Benefits |

  • This lightweight oil blend quickly absorbs and replenishes skin to appear smooth with a matte finish
  • Contribute towards a softer and smoother appearance of visible skin linesSoothe, nourish and soften the skin
  • Balancing the skin’s hydration

Buy This Serum | $28 for 1 oz @ Safe and Chic Website & $14.99 for 1 oz @ Amazon (Awesome Deal!)


3. Sulina Shop

Uplifting Facial Oil

Recommended For | All skin type

Benefits |

  • Nourishing ingredients including Vitamins A, C, & E
  • Grape Seed Oil (full of antioxidants and essential fatty acid), helps tighten the skin and cleanse pores
  • Argan and Sunflower Oils hydrate and soften the skin, improving overall elasticity and re-balancing natural moisture production

Buy This Oil | $48 for 1 oz @ Sulina Shop Website

Also try their Body Butters for $30

4. Athar’a Pure

Pink Lotus Hydrating Balm

Recommended For | Dry skin

Benefits |

  • Naturally boosts collagen production and helps tissue cell regeneration
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, marks, age spots and sun spots
  • Penetrates deep into the skin to heal dry or dehydrated skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces inflammation
  • Reduces wrinkles, strengthens and softens skin

Buy This Balm | $29.95 @ Athar’a Pure Website


5. True Botanicals

Vitamin C Booster

Recommended For | All skin types

Benefits |

  • Visibly brightens and firms
  • Nourishing and creates a brighter appearance

Buy This Serum | $9 for 0.49 oz @ True Botanicals Website


6. Salis Skincare

Serum + Sandalwood

Recommended For | Balances oily or dry skin

Benefits |

  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal with a musky scent
  • Beneficial for heal wounds and scars
  • Softens dry skin on the face, hands, feet, or anywhere on your body

Buy This Serum | $32.99 for 2 oz @ Salis Skincare Website

7. Osea Malibu

Undaria Algae Body Oil

Recommended For | All skin types

Benefits |

  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • Visibly firms and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks
  • Renews a healthy luster and youthful suppleness for soft, touchable skin
  • Indulge in aromatic notes of Citrus and Cypress Essential oils to promote vitality and invigorate the senses

Buy This Oil | $48 for 5 oz @ Osea Website & Petit Vour Website & Amazon


8. 100% Pure

Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants PM Facial Oil

Recommended For | For normal, dry, oily, combination skin types

Benefits |

  • Boosts collagen to increase firmness and elasticity
  • Lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles; firms; evens and brightens skin tone
  • Protects from and minimizes the appearance of free radical, environmental damage
  • Works to repair sun damage
  • Promotes skin cell repair and has anti-inflammatory properties

Buy This Oil | $55 for 1 oz @ 100% Pure Website & Amazon


9. Josh Rosebrook

Nutrient Day Cream – SPF 30

Recommended For | All skin types

Benefits |

  • A dual-action, firming and brightening day moisturizer with natural, mineral sun protection
  • Plant oils that repair, moisturize and protect skin
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients proven to protect the skin
  • This luxurious, lightweight cream finishes matte, smooth and comfortable without a white cast

Buy This Cream | $80 for 2 oz and $40 for 1 oz @ Petit Vour Website

10. Just Nutritive

Body Nutritive Serum

Recommended For | Dry, flaky and aging skin

Benefits |

  • The gentle, non-irritating and soothing formula
  • Provides luxurious all-day moisture protection without being too heavy or greasy
  • Fast, deep absorption improves elasticity and tone, rescuing skin from dryness
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and dyes
  • Non-greasy and absorbs quickly into your skin

Buy This Serum | $29.89 @ Just Nutritive Website & Amazon (over 1,500 reviews!)





Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Details |

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: It’s small size and convenient carry handle, makes it easy to take the mini-fridge with you on the go!
  • COOLING & WARMING: Easily choose to chill up to 45ºF or warm up to 143ºF – with the flip of a switch.
  • GO GREEN: 100% Freon-Free. Includes plugs for both standard home outlets and car chargers. Ultra-quiet and 100% environmentally friendly.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Efficient cooling temperature is perfect for skincare and beauty essentials
  • SPECIFICATION: unit measures: 7.2″ W x 9.95″ D x 10.83″ H and weighs 4 lbs.

Buy This Mini Fridge | $44.99 @ Amazon – Also available in red, teal and black



Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set

Details |

  • ELIMINATES WRINKLES & PUFFINESS: It works to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • 3-TOOLS-IN-1: Use the silicone brush to apply serums, oils and moisturizers to the skin. Then use your Pink Jade Face Roller to gently drive products into your skin, and finish your beauty routine with the Gua Sha Facial Tool to relax the skin, and flush inflammation.
  • TRY IT FROM THE FRIDGE! Can safely pop it in the fridge or freezer for an ultra-cooling blast like ice face rollers.

Buy This Set | $19.98 @ Amazon


Natural Clean Beauty Stores

Five clean beauty stores that carry many of the clean skincare and makeup brands at different price points.

They are a platform for connecting you with all the nontoxic beauty.

A place where people KNOW that EVERY product is nontoxic.

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – Here you can find skincare under $50. You can refine your search by skin concerns and skin type

The Detox Market – Try the little sample bag they offer AND get 10% off your order when you sign up for emails

Petit Vour – Take a look at their beauty sale AND you can take their useful foundation quiz.

Aillea – See products under $25

The Choosy Chick – This family-run company was created out of a personal quest to find safe and effective health and beauty care products. They have nontoxic products for the whole family! Shop their sale here.


Ways to Save

Thrive Market 

Get up to $20 in shopping credit when you purchase a Thrive Market Membership.



  • Use this code to get a $10 bonus when you sign up with my link and spend $25. It’s FREE!
  • Rakuten is an app, browser extension, and website that offers cash back to consumers who click on its links before checking out at a physical store or online retailer. Rakuten also provides a list of stores that have special deals for customers, such as free shipping, buy one get one free, or free gifts with purchase.
  • The first is to search on for a product across all of the site’s participating retailers and find the best cashback deal. Once you do, click through to the retailer’s site and proceed with your purchase as you normally would – No additional cost to you!

This is a list of clean beauty companies on Rakuten.

  • 100% Pure
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Pangea Organics
  • Follain
  • Sephora
  • Juice Beauty
  • Beautycounter

See all participating Rakuten merchants here.

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I hope this Mother’s Day favorite nontoxic skincare guide of mine helped you find a clean skincare gift for the mom of your life.

As I wrote this post I thought to share with you that my mom’s favorite skincare brands have also been listed: 100% Pure & Osea Malibu

What will I get her for Mother’s Day you may ask? I think she has her eyes on the mini-fridge!

On this Mother’s Day, I want to give her a very special thanks for being my anchor in this stormy sea of life.

I love you mom!

I also want to dedicate this post to my mother-in-law who is not with us anymore but her legacy lives on.

We miss you.



Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs of all, and you might find it equally difficult to come up with a natural Mother’s Day gift idea that not only reflects your appreciation but also fits into your budget.

 Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your entire life savings.

Simply demonstrating that you took the time to consider mom’s feelings and nontoxic skincare needs is enough!

As always,

Read product labels,

Know your ingredients,

AND stay safe!


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